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  September 21, 2017

Public Works




740 E. Hunt St.

Pleasanton, TX



(830) 569-3155




Public Works Department supports, coordinates and assists four operating departments within the Public Works Division in their efforts to attain and maintain an acceptable level of service to the community. These four department consist of Water, Wastewater, Streets and Parks They ensure streets, drainage systems, water and sewer systems are designed and constructed to operate and function properly, safely and efficiently.


The Public Works Division has the responsibility to provide essential services to the entire community that is utilized every day by every citizen. This includes producing and distributing a safe drinking water supply; collecting and safely treating the generated wastewater; and collecting and safely disposing of all the solid waste generated by the citizens and businesses of Pleasanton according to state/federal regulations.


The Public Works Division also provides the necessary services of street maintenance, engineering support services for City operations, drainage issues , reuse water facilities, permitting and inspection of our growing business community.


When prioritizing needed projects, the City considers a number of factors including the system’s age, current condition and the number of reported repairs or failures. Through long range planning, the City evaluates future needs; however specific budgets and project plans are adopted each year on a one-year appropriation basis. The public plays an important role throughout the annual budget process by attending City council meetings and budget work shops.




Does the City have a 24-hour On-Call person ?

The City of Pleasanton has a person on call 24 hours a day. If you have any water related problems after 5:00 pm weekdays, Saturday, Sunday or a Holiday please contact the Pleasanton Police Department at (830) 569-3869 for assistance.

What should I do if I notice dirty water ?

If you notice dirty water, turn on the faucet nearest to you water meter and let run until it clears up. If the problem persists, contact City Hall at (830) 569-3867 and someone will be sent to your home to investigate further.

Who do I call about a water leak?

If you have a water leak, or notice one in the road or City right of way, contact City Hall at (830) 569-3867 immediately. Someone will be sent to the location to cut off the water and make necessary repairs. If it is after 5:00 pm weekdays, Saturday, Sunday or a Holiday you will need to contact the Pleasanton Police Department at (830) 569-3869.

What should I do if I suspect a water leak?

If you suspect you have a water leak, make sure there is no water running inside or outside your home, check to see if your water meter is turning. If the meter is turning, the leak is on the customer’s side and you will need to contact a plumber to make the necessary repairs

Who do I call if I have questions about my water bill?

If you receive an unusually high water bill, check your water meter, toilets and faucets both inside and outside your home for leaks. If you do not have any leaks, contact City Hall at (830) 569-3867. Explain that you have an unusually high water bill. They will look up your previous month’s water usage and if there is a discrepancy, someone will be sent to your home and check the reading on your water meter. The new reading will be compared to the reading on your current bill. If there is an error in the readings an adjustment will be made to your account.

Public Works Director




These crews pave and maintain City streets, mow right of way and alley areas in town, and work to improve drainage structures.



The Department of Utilities builds, maintains, and improves the City’s water and sewer infrastructure, which includes a vast network of pipes, pump stations, water and wastewater treatment plants and storage facilities.



The Atascosa River Park and Pleasanton Sports Complex provide several different recreational facilities for our citizens and visitors.



City of Pleasanton Wastewater Treatment Plant has an activated sludge process. This is a biological process in which naturally occurring living microorganisms (bacteria, protozoa, tiny plants and animals) are maintained at a very high population level. This process promotes the formation of biological masses that clump together by adhesion and settle to the bottom forming “sludge.” (Read more)



The Engineering department is responsible for the implementation of all design and construction infrastructure projects for the City of Pleasanton. Primarily the Department is responsible for construction management and technical engineering of the city's infrastructure. This includes the following:

  • Water production and distribution system
  • Wastewater treatment and collection system
  • Drainage Projects
  • Street projects
  • Flood management


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